To ensure that you get exactly what you need, runs your files through a free 12-point inspection process for print compatibility and image quality prior to your order hitting the press. This service is perfect for first time customers, those unsure about file setup, and busy designers who have not done the last "proof" check prior to submitting order.


Our inspection evaluates:


Correct size


Correct file format

Links on the file

Border accuracy

Color specs

Font issues

Panel alignment check for folding


Transparency issues

Accurate bleed & safety zones

Page orientation

Basic proof & print ready

file inspection1

frequently asked file inspection questions:

What is FREE file inspection?  File inspection is a complementary service offered by that allows us to check the quality of clients files before printing begins. Issues such as resolution, placement, color, bleeds and other possible problems are checked to assure that no issues arise during processing printing that would affect the end result.

How do I use this service? This is a service provided with every order placed. You can also ask for it prior to placing your online order by simply emailing us your file to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Once the inspection is completed, we will contact you by email or phone to confirm if your files are good to print or require changes in order to be processed for printing or design.

When do I get an answer back from you? For file inspection services prior to placing your order, please allow us up to 1 business day to check your files (usually completed in much less time). We will respond with the best course of action that helps you proceed with your print order.

What if my files are ready for print? We will send you a PDF proof with instructions for approval and order placement in Follow the instructions and we will use the corresponding file for your order.

What if there are problems with my file(s)? We will notify you of any issues with your file(s). We offer complementary basic file correction/repair services for every order. If your files need more than minimal simple repairs or are beyond repair, we may be able to recreate portions or all of your artwork through our parent company, martin design, for an additional setup charge based on time and complexity of your artwork.        

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